I love a good party, dancing until I die, a dark sky sprinkled with stars, strong coffee, the sound of my children laughing, cold sheets, giving a holler at the top of a mountain, bacon wrapped dates, and the weight of my camera in hand. 

When I'm not taking your photos and editing like a crazy person, I am probably painting the town red with my man or kicking back with my quiver full of children. Life is big and I try to live it all.

I am obsessed with color, light, all things vintage, and creating something from nothing. I love people. I love photography and think my job rocks. Travel and wanderlust are in my blood so when those loves combine, it's the best part of life.


It's all about curling up with a good book on a rainy day. Slow Saturday mornings with my family. The look of my daughter twirling in sunshine. The sound my son makes when he sleeps. 

 I think the best photos are made in the in-between moments, the bat of eyelashes, the wind whipping through hair, laughter unrestrained. I'm an artist at heart. I think pictures are poetic and am absolutely in love with photography.

I think life is so complex, difficult, wonderful, beautiful, amazing. I get to celebrate the seasons of yours behind my lens and I love that.


Laying on a blanket under the stars, talking with my husband about our dreams is my favorite moment. We paint laughter on the wall in our home everyday. Whether it's heart breaking or the most glorious moment we have set foot on, there is beauty in everything.

Photography is a deep root in my heart. I love being able to capture a moment in time and hold onto it forever. Having that strap around my neck gives me security that I can always come back to what's right in front of me.

I am a champion of family. I'm a lover of love. It's why we are here. There is no end to discovery of beautiful corners in the souls we photograph. My joy is tethering up those moments for my clients and giving them something to always treasure.