relic {re-lik} n:
something kept as a remembrance;
keepsake, treasure or heirloom
About relic

We are three: Artists. Alaskans. Free Spirits. World travelers. Coffee addicts. Life lovers. Camera Junkies. Adventurers. Photographers.

We are Relic Photographic. And we are so stinkin' happy that you have found our page. 

Relic was born to capture the essence of what love and life is all about. There is nothing studio or conventional about us. We want our work to walk to the beat of it's own drum, for each image to be as original and inventive as the soul we are photographing. We love nature and feel like imagery is best when we go back to that vulnerable and unprotected state: in the wind, tromping through woods, scaling tall mountains. 

It's about the story of our lives. In the end, all that will matter is the way we lived and loved. It's about the millions of moments stacked together to make a person who they are: rain clinging to a man's 5' o'clock shadow, the crumpled up face a newborn first waking to the world, the vows standing up, at attention, in the eyes of a woman who loves, smudged fingerprints on windows, hair whipping wildly in the wake of laughter. 

Our clients are free spirits. Adventurists. Lovers. They recognize the small details of beauty. They are drawn to the same things we are in imagery: vintage, romance, color, documentary, creative, natural. Our clients have ditched starched white shirts and posed studio smiles for the in-between moments. They value the look of life, they want us to tell thier story.  So we do.

Because life is worth celebrating. 

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